Amnesia: Its Types, Causes, And Best Treatments

According to National Library of Medicine the amnesia is a mental condition disease in this your brain do not function right you start to forget about different memories and events.

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Types of Amnesia?


In this type you will start to forget things from your past like old memories and past events.


In this type you do not remember anything from past also you will find it hard to remember new things because your brain do not store any information.

3.Transient Global:

In this kind of amnesia people forget things for a short period of time and we are still studying on its causes and reasons so we will get all latest information on our website.


It is bit dangerous type because it happens when you get head injury due to a road accident or fall from height.


It is happens when you have traumatic event or memory in your life those traumatic event triggers it. You will lose memory for different time periods.


It is also triggers after a traumatic event or you start to take a lot of stress.


This type triggers due to stress and intense emotions it cause problem like losing memory and you do not recognize people face.

8.Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome:

It can lead you to several memory issues, it happens when you use alcohol for a long time and due to lack of vitamin B1.

Symptoms of Amnesia?

  1. Long term or partial memory loss
  2. You will start to feel confuse
  3. You will find hard to learn new things
  4. You might ask one question repeatively
  5. It will be dificult to remember face
  6. Problems will start with spatial awareness
  7. You might start to for about your personal informatioin
  8. You might forget about a specific event or memory

Mian causes of amnesia?

  1. Due to head injuries in accident
  2. Genetic brain disease issues
  3. Feeling very upset or due to stress
  4. Too much use of drugs or drinking alcohol for a long time
  5. Sometimes brain tissues get infected due to environmental pollution
  6. Due to having seizures
  7. Sometimes we take medicine which are not good for our brain so always take doctors recommend medicines
  8. Due to some special reason there is not enough oxygen in our brain.
  9. Genetic Reasons

What Kind of drugs (medicines) Can Cause Amnesia ?

  1. Anxiety medicine (Benzodiazepines)
  2. Antidepressants
  3. Medicines for Mental Health (Anti-psychotics)
  4. Sleeping pills
  5. Extra use of Allergy Medicines (Antihistamines)
  6. Extra use of Muscle Relaxants
  7. Extra use of Strong Pain Medicines (Opioids)
  8. Alcohol

Mostly Asked:

How We Can Diagnose Amnesia?

Diagnose Amnesia
  1. You have to tell the doctor about your health conditions
  2. Doctors run different body tests
  3. Doctors examine your brain using some machines
  4. They run some memory tests
  5. They capture different pictures of your brain using a machine
  6. They also run a different blood test
  7. Talking about How You Feel
  8. They examine your current medicine if it’s harmful or not

What is the Best treatment of amnesia?

Medical Care:

Those people who get amnesia due to some head injuries they can be cure from medicines .

Talking to Someone:

It can help you to reduce your stress and your brain feels relax right after you share your problems with someone.

Try Doing Memory Exercises:

 like meditation, it can help your body and mind to get strong and help you to focus on your self. 

Healthy leaving:

Try to live your life in a healthy way avoid places with pollution and follow a good protein diet.

Use of Memory Tools:

You should use memory tools like notes and to remember things.

When Does infantile Amnesia Starts?

It happens when baby body start to grow and at the age of 3 to 4 yeas he starts to forget things. So if you feel something strange about baby then try to consult a doctor.

Is Amnesia a Mental Disorder ?

We can say that it is like a mental disorder also you take it as a  sign that something going on inside your brain.


Can We Treat Amnesia At Home?

Its is not possible to treat amnesia at home because you need some professional advise and after you get diagnose from doctors you can try to take care of it at home with the help of doctors.

What Part of The Brain Use to Store Memory?

Hippocampus is a part of your brain which is used to store your memories

How I Can Regain My Memory?

You can regain your memory by adding these things into your daily life routine.

  1. Eat Good Food
  2. Move Around
  3. Sleep Well
  4. Keep Your Brain Busy
  5. Hang Out with People
  6. Stay Organized
  7. Cut Back on Alcohol and Don’t Smoke
  8. Drink Water

Can Stress Caused Amnesia?

Yes, a lot of stress can lead you to have amnesia and you will start to forget things and memories.

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