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Cristiano Ronaldo Work Out routine: His Diet To Get Perfect Body Shape

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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s famous football player, and definitely people all over the world are big fans of him. He always performed his best ever since he joined Manchester united in 2003. But did you ever think why his body physics is so good and natural how he keep maintaining it, so in this article we will know all secrets about ronaldo’s diet and fitness also verified by different researched articles link 1.

About CR7

He was born on Friday 5, 1985 in Portugal. During his experience from Manchester united to real Madrid he become most expensive player of 80 million euro. In 2017 he become most earning player in the world with the net worth of $400 millions. He become role model of many young people he works hard to achieve everything in life.

Let’s Check the Body Measurement of Ronaldo:

body of Ronaldo

Height: 1.85 meters (6 feet 1 inch)

Weight: 81 kilograms (179 pounds)

Chest: 109 centimeters (43 inches)

Waist: 84 centimeters (33 inches)

Biceps: 35 centimeters (14 inches)

Having such impressive body is not easy to get without workout and Cristiano Ronaldo follow a strict diet plan and workout routine. He is positive to perform all these exercise in his daily life routine.

On the base of gathered information and according to his fellows he do workout 5 times in a week.

Ronaldo’s previous coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, once said, “it’s not the luck that he is a great player. I see his training everyday constantly.” He always gives importance to his workout routine. Now let’s see read what he do from Monday to Saturday.

Ronaldo weekly routine of workout


Barbell squat (8 times repetitions)

Box jump (20 inches, 10 repetitions)

Broad jump (8 times repetitions)

Jumping lunge (8 repetitions for each leg)

Lateral bound (12 inches, 10 times repetitions)


Cristiano Ronaldo always care for his body that is why it’s a rest day.


Burpee pullup (10-15 times repetitions)

Bench dips (20 repetitions)

Pushups (20-30 repetitions)

Medicine ball toss (15 repetitions)

Push press (10 repetitions)


Power leans (5 sets, 5 times repetitions)

Sprinting (8 sets, 200 meters each)


One-Arm Side Deadlift (3 sets of 5 repetitions for each arm)

Dumbbell One-Legged Deadlift (2 sets of 10 repetitions)

Knee Tuck Jump (3 sets of 10-12 repetitions)

Overhead Slam (3 sets of 10-12 repetitions)

One-Leg Barbell Squat (2 sets of 5 repetitions)

Hanging Leg Raise (3 sets of 10-15 repetitions)



it’s again a rest day.


Rope jumping (10 sets with 1-minute rest in between)

Resistance sprinting (10 sets of 50 meters each)


At real Madrid ronaldo achieved an impressive record, scoring 285 goals in 265 games. He’s a national hero in Portugal, he is leading his country to the world’s top. Ronaldo is so much popular he has millions of fans.

Diet plan of Cristiano Ronaldo


  1. Wholegrain or wholewheat cereal with fruit juice
  2. Foods like eggs and cereals for carbohydrates and proteins
  3. Breakfast is essential after a good 8-hour sleep to ensure the body is well-rested.


Includes chicken or meat with salad

Whole wheat pasta or baked potato

Green vegetables and fruits or a low-calorie meal

This provides the required proteins and minerals, along with vitamins for lunch.


Typically fruit juice or freshly cut fruits to give enough energy for an afternoon break.


Dinner is rich in fiber, proteins, and vitamins.

It consists of rice, beans, fruits, and chicken.

Important features to notice about Cristiano Ronaldo's diet

Complex Carbohydrates:

His diet includes complex carbohydrates, which help build stamina and endurance.

Low Fat: ​

Cristiano Ronaldo maintains a low-fat body, with less than 10% of his diet consisting of fat.

Try Avoiding Alcohol and Heavy Carbonated Drinks:

 He steers clear of alcoholic and sugary carbonated beverages, opting for fresh juices instead.

High Protein Intake:

Ronaldo consumes a good amount of proteins, which are beneficial for bodybuilding and repairing. Proteins are a crucial part of his diet throughout the day.


Regular, Small Meals:

He ensures that there is no gap of more than 2-3 hours between meals, aiming for smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day.


Some health and fitness tips from Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Train Your Mind: Mental strength is crucial to stay motivated and achieve your goals. Without mental strength, people often give up before reaching their targets.
  1. Stay Motivated and Be Disciplined: Discipline and motivation are key to achieving bigger goals. Without discipline, it’s hard to complete tasks and reach your goals on time.
  1. Set High Goals: Dream big, aim for the stars, and don’t stop until you’re satisfied.
  1. Training Partner: Consider working out with a training partner to stay competitive and push each other to work harder.
  1. Rest and Sleep: Get the right amount of sleep for energy and muscle recovery. Going to bed early and rising early is important.
  1. Warm-Up: Always start with a proper warm-up before your workout to prepare your body. Stretching and activities like jogging or cycling are good warm-up exercises.
  1. Mix Cardio and Weight Lifting: Combining both cardio and weight lifting can increase your stamina and strength.
  1. Consistency: Make exercise a habit and do it regularly for lasting benefits.
  1. Diet: Your diet is important. Exercise should make up 50% of your efforts, while the other 50% should go into maintaining a proper diet. Focus on high protein, whole-grain carbs, fruits, and vegetables, and avoid sweets and excessive sugar.
  1. Stay Hydrated: Drink enough liquids to aid protein digestion and avoid alcohol.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievements in football, such as leading Real Madrid to two consecutive Champions League titles, are remarkable. He also acknowledges that despite his success, he faces criticism from some people, but he maintains a positive mindset and sleeps well at night.

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