Retrograde Amnesia

Retrograde vs Anterograde Amnesia: Main Difference And Best Treatment

Retrograde Amnesia

According to National Library of Medicine search on Retrograde vs Anterograde Amnesia, lets start with retrograde amnesia so in this type people might forget things from the past, we have mentioned below some major symptoms:

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Major Symptoms:

  1. You will forget memories from your past
  2. Some times you will forget only small part of your memory from past
  3. You might also forget people faces you just met a while ago
  4. You will feel confuse and angry
  5. Forgetting things will make for you to learn new things
  6. Sadness and emotions will encounter you
  7. Sometimes your memory will back in parts

Causes of Retrograde Amnesia:

  1. It also happens due to head injuries in an accident
  2. Feeling too much emotional and stress
  3. Due to some unpleasant health matters
  4. Due to side effects of different medicines
  5. If you had brain surgery and it went wrong
  6. Use of too much drugs
  7. Genetically issues

Best Treatments for Retrograde Amnesia:

  1. Try to do brain exercises like playing small games
  2. Try to talk with patient time to time so they don’t feel alone
  3. Consult a good doctor who can recommend you the right medicine
  4. Provide them the supportive environment
  5. Take them outside for a walk
  6. Use some notes so they the don’t forget important things

Anterograde Amnesia

In this type patient find it hard to learn new things and forget things in a part, it makes their daily life routine hard.

Major Symptoms:

  1. Hard to learn new kills:
  2. patient will forget most recent events
  3. Their memory will loss in parts
  4. Difficulty with Daily Tasks
  5. Hard to recall past events

Causes of Anterograde Amnesia:

  1.  Due to head injuries
  2. Side effects of supplements and dangerous medicines like sleeping pills
  3. Drinking too much alcohol
  4. Due to an old brain disease for long time
  5. Due to stress and depression
  6. Some times getting old effects your brain
  7. Use of too much drugs

Best Treatments for Anterograde Amnesia:

  1. Perform some brain exercise like playing games with patient
  2. Patient should use some notes or tools to remember things
  3. Give them personal support
  4. Consult a doctors and take proper medicine if needed
  5. Family support is the most important things
  6. Make some simple changes in diet and life
  7. Take them out for walk and share feelings

Here Are Main Differences

Retrograde amnesia:

Retrograde amnesia makes it hard for people to remember stuff from before a certain event.They can still remember things from before they had this memory problem, but recalling past events becomes tricky. This happens because of things like hitting the head, strong emotions, or health issues affecting the brain’s ability to bring back old memories.

Anterograde amnesia:

It’s tough for folks to learn and remember new things after a specific event. They struggle to make and keep memories for stuff that happens after this memory issue starts. The challenge is in learning new things and having trouble remembering recent events or experiences. This can be caused by head injuries, certain medicines, strong emotions, or illnesses messing with the brain’s ability to remember new stuff. The main issue is learning new information and having difficulty remembering recent events.


Which is More Worst: Anterograde or Retrograde Amnesia?

Both of them will be challenging because it depends on the patient, his hopes are high then he can recover soon and also family support id the most important thing.

Is Retrograde Amnesia Serious?

It doesn’t cause a certain death to patient but they have to face many challenges because due to the memory loss issues their daily life gets hard

Is Anterograde Amnesia Serious?

It serous because it can effect your personal life so much because you find it hard to remember new things and you can not make new memories either.

Which Amnesia is More Common?

Anterograde amnesia is often happens due to some health issues, while retrograde amnesia can come from traumatic event. But for both it depends on the reasons.

What Type of Amnesia is not permanent?

Sometimes the anterograde amnesia will not stay permanently. Because if happens due to medicine side effect so with proper treatment we can fix it with some time.

Which Type of Amnesia Stays permanently?

Retrograde amnesia can be cause for a long time in some cases. And it depends on its seriousness.

Can Someone Get Both of The Retrograde and Anterograde Amnesia?

Yes, sometimes patient can get both amnesia at the same time it calls global amnesia, it happens due to the injury in your brain also because of the bad event happens in your life.

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