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Some Best Exercises In Home Workout For Weight Loss

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If you want to weight lose at home then you can try some mixed exercises. Also, some exercise makes your heart beat fast like jumping ropes and high knees. And others, like squats and lunges they’re one of the best workouts at home to make your muscles strong. Because it burns a lot of calories in your body that helps your body to achieve good shape, you can also check some verified research articles link 1, and link 2.


If you want to make your arms and chest look wide and strong then pushups is a great exercise for you and you do not need any additional machine, you start in a plank position and push yourself up.



Plank is a effective exercise that is helpful to make your tummy and back strong. In this exercise you holds your body in a straight like on your elbow and toe.



Lunges is a great exercise if you wants to build strong legs at home. You have to step forward and behind your knees, then come back up.


High knees:

This also one of a health exercise for your heart its like a jogging in place but you lift your knees up very high.

High Knees


It is a full body exercise. You go from standing, to the ground, do a pushup, then jump up. We can also say it is a mix of different exercise!


Jump rope:

It is kind of a enjoying exercise in this you use a rope and jump over it, and it a good exercise to make your legs strong and your heart gets healthy.

Jump rope

Jumping jack:

It is a exercise where you jump out wide and and the back together. It increases your stamina and also good for heart because your all body goes in an active state.

Jumping jack

Pull up:

It is one of the best exercise to make your arms and back muscles strong. In this exercise you use a bar and pull your self up, then goes down, then pull up again.

Pull up

Jump squat:

It is very effective to burn big amount of calories although its like a normal squats but you jumps at the end point. And it is a good exercise for weight lose and legs.

Jump squat

Bodyweight squats:

You use your body weight to perform this exercise and it is also like a normal squat exercise it is also an effective exercise to burn a lot of calories and help you to lose weight.

Bodyweight squats


It’s a heavy exercise that is best for building a muscular back and strong legs, you pick up heavy from a ground or some from  your house then just start deadlift.


Sit up

In this exercise you lie down and then sit up again it the best exercise at home to lose your belly fats.

Sit up

Bicycle crunch

An other effective exercise for your belly to lose fats and it’s a bit fun to do bicycle crunches because you lays down and pretend of riding a bicycle, it’s also help you to make abs on your body.

bicycle crunch

Walking lunge

In this exercise you takes a big step forward then comes back, it a good workout to make your legs flexible and strong.

Walking lunge


Is It Possible To Lose Weight With Home Workout

It is very easy to lose weight effectively at home, you just have to do exercise continuously it helps to burn a lot of calories and you lose weight fast also try to eat healthy food and stop eating pizza and other junk foods. Our website also providing information on best supplements for weight lose and brands that you can use to increase your body power and stamina.

How Much Starting Weight Is Good For Home Workout

It is depends on your body strength and stamina if you’re a beginner then you should start from 5kg then increase weight slowly and it is heavy enough to change your basic physics but if you try to lift heavy weight from the start then you might get muscles injuries that is why start lifting low weight to high weight.

How TO Lose Weight In Just 10 Days

If you are willing to lose weight very fast then try to eat healthy foods like fruits veggies and whole grain also you want to know which supplement is best for losing weight and also fulfil all vitamins and minerals in your body then you read our article on best weight lose supplements, while you eat protein food you should never forget doing mix exercises at home like puship, walking lunges, and jumping ropes etc.

Is Home Workout Also Effective As Gym

Yes, you can also achieve a good physics at home, you just need to do exercise every day and you can also try mix exercises at home we already discussed above.

Can I Get Good Body Shape At Home

Yes, you can get best body shapes at home as well you do not have to go to gym for that.

What Is The Best Time To Do Exersice

If is depends on your comfort time when you can give your 100% because some people do it on morning, some people prefer in evening.

How Long After Eating I Can Do Exercise

You have to wait at least 1 to 2 hours before starting exercise because your body needs strength and if your food will digest properly then your body can do better performance  

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